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"We are always learning...."

Welcome everyone to Ishpal Kaur is a new and upcoming publisher. Graduating with a BA (Hons) 2.1 Graphic Information Design Degree, and with several years of design experience, Ishpal Kaur wanted to utilise her design skills to create engaging, and educational, learning resources. From managing the entire product process, Ishpal Kaur has already designed, illustrated, and written, several story, and information based, publications.

Ishpal Kaur loves to be imaginative, and explorative with her design concepts, and has a versatile creative style, bringing her ideas to life. She mainly focuses on digital design, and motion graphics, and has also ventured into web design. Ishpal Kaur, is always keen

to learn.

As well as design, Ishpal Kaur also enjoys fine art, creative writing, and music, and plays a variety of instrumentals, ranging from the guitar, piano, and the harmonium. She also takes an interest in martial arts and has previously taken up training. Ishpal Kaur loves the outdoors, and very much enjoys the wonders, of mother nature.

Published Books

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